What to do in Bukit Lawang? We have so many choices for you – jungle treks, cooking classes, washing elephants in sanctuary, cave, BBQ, river tubing, village tour or big north Sumatra trip. Check our offer and choose depend of your interest. If you have any questions about treks, tours or activities feel free to contact us.

A first introduction into the Gunung Leuser National Park for limited time travellers, families with children and people who are not able to make great physical efforts. One day treks focused day time animal behavior. Choose to concentrate on orangutan or other apes, monkeys and birds.

During this 6 hours jungle trekking tour you will go deeper into the jungle. You will get fantastic impressions of the tropical rainforest of the Gunung Leuser National Park whilst hiking up and down the jungle hills.
You will be have a bigger chance to see wild orangutans and lot of other animals like gibbons, Thomas Leaf monkeys, pigtail macaques, flying squirrels, Sumatran orangutan or great argus (peacocks) in their natural habitat.

For full jungle experience we recommend you to book this jungle trekking tour.
With this jungle trekking tour you will go deeper into the Gunung-Leuser National Park and camp in the jungle for a night and next morning you will be wake up by the magical sound of the jungle.
You will be have a bigger chance to see the wildlife in the jungle as gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, longtail and pigtail macaques, silver monkey, flying squirrels, great argus (peacocks), hornbills and also wild orangutans might cross your way. 

For this jungle trekking tour you will go deeper into the jungle, hike more and increase your knowledge about the tropical rainforest, flora and fauna and the animality while constantly searching for animals like the Sumatran orangutan in the wild.
And you will pass more amazing viewpoints like amazing hidden waterfalls.
You will camp at two different peaceful places in the Gunung-Leuser National Park…enjoy the evening times at your jungle camp with playing cards or game with your guides. The guides will cook delicious local food for you….real jungle style! 

Join us for an exclusive tour lasting 9 days 8 nights. We start with pick you up from Medan Airport, Medan city  or in your hotel and then take you to Bukit Lawang, Berastagi and Toba lake in North Sumatra.
In Bukit Lawang you will be explore the jungle on a two days trek, staying overnight in the jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park and finish with funny river tubing.
In Berastagi you will be climb on one of the volcanoes in Indonesia and explore the culture of “Batak Karo“, a ethnical group in Sumatra.
In Toba lake you will see the interesting culture and the biggest volcano lake in the world.

Tangkahan is a hidden paradise. It is the peaceful jungle village where you can heading off road with Local Jeep to Tangkahan about 2 hours drive from Bukit Lawang (one way). It’s a one day trip tour Bukit Lawang – Tangkahan – Bukit Lawang. We start early morning passing by palm oil plantation track and rural areas, a bit bumpy drive but it’s great fun!! Arrive at Tangkahan Elephant Sanctuary. Here it’s your time with the biggest mammal in the world.

Discover the village Bukit Lawang with our local guide. We will show you the real Sumatra especially Bukit Lawant. Our English speaking guide tell you a lot about the local life, work and culture. During the way we stop at several places where we explain you process of growing rice, home made brown sugar, tofu and tempeh and learn about different kind of plants around the village.

The Bat Cave is located 2 km from Bukit Lawang around 20 minutes walking. During the walk your guide tell you about things which you can see on the way. You also might see monkeys. The cave is about 400 meters long. In the cave you can see more then thousands of bats which are hanging under the rock ceiling. In the end of the cave it become smaller there you can find swallows. Here and there the ceiling is open so you can see the sky and  the dense green of the jungle trees. There are often groups of monkeys moving surround in the treetops.

We would like to promote and introduce the authentic Indonesian cuisine. This cooking class is for people who love Indonesian food but  not yet familiar with the Indonesian way of cooking. So with this half day activity you get the opportunity to get the real taste of the fresh and authentic Indonesian cuisine. For cooking class you can do 2 different Menu of Indonesia food which you like.

River tubing is really funny activity which is popular in Bukit Lawang. Especially when it’s hot weather and you are lazy to do anything, river tubing give you good refresh.

After you finish trekking and if you stay little bit longer in Bukit Lawang and want to do something creative and special we suggest you join one of our local arts, painting & handicraft workshops. You can learn wood carving, coconut shell carving (necklace or bracelet), painting (t-shirt, canvas) or you can do mural /street art with our partner community. It is a nice opportunity to get to know local arts. You will love it and always remember Bukit Lawang.