Make your own souvenir…!

After you finish trekking and if you stay little bit longer in Bukit Lawang and want to do something creative and special we suggest you join one of our local arts, painting & handicraft workshops. You can learn wood carving, coconut shell carving (necklace or bracelet), painting (t-shirt, canvas) or you can do mural /street art with our partner community. It is a nice opportunity to get to know local arts. You will love it and always remember Bukit Lawang.

Have fun and pick the workshop you are interested in below

Coconut carving

Together with our local partner you can make your own self-designed necklace from coconut shell. How about an orangutan face, gecko, elephant, sun, tribal or a completely self-created design…lots of ideas are possible.

Our local artist will be so happy to show you how to use special carving tools and with his skillful guidance you will do it yourself easily 🙂

This work takes around 2 to 4 hours (depending on the design you choose). The artist will help you so don’t to worry even you are not professional.

Wood carving

The great team of Reclaimed Wood Carving-Bukit Lawang will assist you in this workshop.
Wood carving is probably the most intensive workshop.
This work need a few hours or few days depend of what you want to carve and how much time you have. But don’t to worry the carving team will help you if you will be need.

And of course the teacher will introduction you how to use wood carving tools.

We are looking forward to see how you self made wood carved orangutans, geckos, elephants, signs and etc.

You will be happy when the carving finish made by your own. Proud👏

Art painting

This work have two different ink. You can choose oil ink or water ink (for batik). So for amateur mostly water ink. You can painting on t-shirt or on the recycled wood.

But if you want painting on canvas you can do it by oil ink (oil painting).

For this workshop will take time more than 1 day depend how difficult is your design. Artist will help you till finish. Make your day with imagine drawing…so nice therapy and relax.

For mural/street art you must have skill to do that because painting on big wall really different with the small painting .

Please contact us for further informations as price and availability.